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New systems for pastry refrigeration in the catering industry

The introduction of new pastry refrigeration systems in the bakery industry has improved the work-flow in production units, the product quantity, quality and, last but not least, the profits. The most significant innovation is the increased use of Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers with both positive and negative temperatures.

Pastry Refrigeration: Raw Products

All raw and semi-finished products such as cake bases, croissants, cream puffs, sponge cake, etc., can be prepared in bigger quantities and then used when needed thanks to the shock freezing process.

Thanks to the fast penetration of cold air at -35º/-40ºC, the King range of  range of blast chillers and shock freezers can produce very small crystals: the smaller the crystals, the better the quality of products once defrosted. Raw ingredients will not lose fluids, weight, firmness and taste because their molecular structure has not been broken. Therefore, they will be able to be used in complete safety and satisfaction as if they had just been prepared.

Pastry Refrigeration: Cooked Products

Without the use of blast chillers and shock freezers, the process has always been let baked products cool at ambient temperature before using or selling them. This practice causes a premature staleness and dryness of the product, as well as a natural bacterial increase, which in turn engender a subsequent weight, crispness and taste loss. Through blast chilling and shock freezing it is possible to extend food duration by keeping all its qualities unaltered.

The King range of blast chillers and shock freezers can quickly bring every kind of just-made bakery product to +3ºC, thus keeping them fresh without freezing them. This is made possible thanks to an indirect air-cooled system with air temperature never going below 0º/+2ºC. Through this practice, the further storage period will last for days in complete safety.


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