Project Description

Ice Cream – Blast Chiller Range

A Blast Chiller or Shock Freezer represents a significant innovation in ice cream production. Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers are becoming the basis of the new system of ice-cream production. Nonetheless, refrigerated cabinets for cold storage hold the same level of importance. Thanks to this equipment, it is possible to store hugh quantities, keeping ice-cream temperatures stable and uniform.

Ice Cream Storage

We have a range of models for perfect storage of ice-cream, providing options of different capacities and the choice of either a static or an air-cooled refrigerating system.

The static system with recirculating air-cooler is produced with a serpentine evaporator which is completely inserted in the cabinet walls. These models benefit from more internal space, moreover they do not de-hydrate the stored product. They are particularly suited for ice-cream in containers and for semifreddo.

The air-cooled system is made up of a copper-aluminum exchange with forced air-cooling, which can quickly reach the set temperature. These models are particularly suited for ice-cream in closed containers and for packed frosted products in general.

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